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Just imagine drinking coffee with a Latin American aroma in the comfort of your own home or office… Valleflor makes your ideal coffee break possible!


Valleflor Handcrafted coffee was founded in in 2014, in Venezuela and later in the United States to distribute specialty coffee to the world market.


The history of our brand is romantic, inspired in the Merida Andean valleys where extracting the best flavor from coffee is an art.  Our coffee growers, agricultural engineers, and specialized baristas with more than twenty years of experience work day to day in the sublime labor of making coffee.  We select the fruit from the tree, remove the pulp, and patio dry it.  We store the parchment coffee until roasting. Then, we hull and roast the coffee letting it rest for 48 hours.  To produce a cleaner coffee, free of impurities, the coffee passes through three levels of sifting, 6mm, 5mm, and 4 mm. Finally, we pack the coffee and send it to your table.


We care for the packing details of our coffee using the latest packaging with the best technology such as tin-tie, thermo pack, unilateral degassing valves, internal trilaminate packaging, and e-zip. For our 800-gram organic coffee, we use handmade 100% recycled 50% natural fiber paper from coffee grains.

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    Coffee Tree

    Our Arabica tree is cut and cared for daily.  We use organic methods for maintaining pests far from our product.

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    Coffee Flower

    The flower is a spectacle of nature, beautiful to the eyes appearing to snow over the coffee trees

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    Coffee Seed

    Our seed is red, uniform, round and brilliant, imitating a cherry but with its own aroma.

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    Patio Dried

    We dry our coffee under the Andean sun at an altitude of 1,135 m.a.s.l. with average temperatures from 17 to 25 °C.


Press the picture to see our farm in 360 view


Handcrafted Coffee

We use only single origin coffee (café de origen), handcrafted, organic, prepared by our staff which is SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) certified.


Venezuelan Coffee

The coffee plant is originally from Ethiopia, Abyssinia, Africa but there are several legends concerning its origin. Some say that African tribes have consumed coffee for generations. Others say a monk carrying coffee to a monastery accidentally discovered that when roasted, coffee tasted better. Coffee became popular throughout Arabia as a stimulating drink for soldiers substituting it for alcohol which was prohibited by the Islamic world, thus becoming highly prized by them. From there it was taken to Europe by Venetian traders and called black wine. It was considered to have medicinal properties for the stomach among other things. It did not take long for the black drink to spread throughout the world. Mateo De Clieu brought coffee to the French island of Martinique, in the Antilles in 1720. After that, it spread to other Caribbean islands and South America.


As of the 18th Century, Venezuela was a coffee producer, competing in quality with other coffee producing countries in the world. By 1930, it was the main coffee producer.


Venezuela has the culture, passion, and love for coffee. An unequal coffee grain, characteristic of this region is produced thanks to its ideal altitude, climatic conditions, and privileged lands. Valleflor turns into an art the processing of this specialty coffee producing a unique aroma and flavor.


Contact  us for our specialty coffee

EMail: ventas@valleflorcoffee.com

Phone Number Venezuela: +58-414-753-0417

Phone Number USA: +1-786-702-6184

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